Readme: to update MIT HCI website for each PIs group

How to update

What content can I edit?

Each PIs group can edit the content that belongs to their group:

What content can I not edit?

For anything that is a global change, e.g. restructuring the website, updating things in the footer, adding new sections, please talk to me first and we can find a solution together.

Process for editing (thank you Rob!):

1. get the website code on your local:

	git clone ssh://

2. Make your changes locally, then

	git push

you should see a line of output 'remote: updating from git...'
which means that it's updating the website using what you just pushed.

(In the background, a simple hook script (/afs/ updates the web folder (/afs/ whenever anybody pushes to the git repo.)

3. Adding new people with editing rights:
In order to have permission to access the git repo, people will need CSAIL accounts and to be members of the hci group.
Any member of the hci group can add somebody else using this command:

	ssh pts adduser -group hci -user USERNAME